The HBS Association of Oregon Presents: Community Partners

Free consulting from Harvard MBAs, that is not a typo!

Pitch Night May 22nd, 6-8 PM (Location TBD)

Through their pro bono Community Partners Program, HBSAO partners with local nonprofit organizations to help them solve a wide variety of challenges. They assemble teams of volunteer consultants, from Harvard and other top business schools to tackle questions such as:

  • What is the social ROI of our service?
  • How can we effectively scale our organization?
  • Where should we invest our limited resources?


  • Nonprofits should use the online form to apply by May 4.
  • HBSAO notifies finalists by May 11.
  • Finalists come to "Pitch Night" on May 22nd (Location TBD).
  • HSBAO notifies selected finalists by May 25th.

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Questions? Contact Mark Chussil, Community Partners 2018 Chair.