Nell Scovell in Conversation With Kristi Turnquist

If Bossypants and Lean In got drunk and hooked up, their sloppy-sex love child would be this juicy and insightful memoir which blows the doors off the male dominated writers’ room and offers a scathingly funny account of Hollywood’s sexual politics over the last 30 years. After David Letterman publicly confessed that he’d had "sex with staffers," former Late Night writer Nell Scovell felt compelled to speak out. Her revelations about gender discrimination in late night TV ignited a serious, sometimes contentious cultural debate about diversity in the workplace. In Just the Funny Parts (Dey Street), Scovell shares revealing stories about some of the biggest names in entertainment and chronicles how she survived in a highly competitive, often hostile environment. Scovell will be joined in conversation by Kristi Turnquist, TV critic and pop culture reporter for The Oregonian.